Hide-on Carcass Wash System with Thermal/Chemical Dehairing and Mechanical Scraping

Tommy Wheeler; Norasak Kalchayanand; Terrance Arthur; Steven Shackleford; Mila Ramos; Andrew Gehring; Ted Brown
USDA-ARS-U.S. Meat Animal Research Center; USDA-ARS-Eastern Regional Research Center; Cargill Meat Solutions

This project will evaluate the effectiveness of partial dehairing from various solutions and mechanical scraping as a hide-on carcass intervention to reduce Salmonella and E. coli.



The project will be carried out in two phases. Phase I will be testing at USDA-MARC using a pilot scale version of the hide-on carcass wash system marketed by Water Management Resources that combines washing action with belt scrapers. This phase will compare novel strategies to identify the most promising approach by combining this equipment with hot water and then the pre-tanning soaking solutions that loosen the hair, so an expanded pattern line area can be partially dehaired and cleaned such that the risk of carcass contamination is greatly reduced. Evaluation will be based on microbial load reduction and subsequent impact on hide/leather quality. Phase II will evaluate the most promising novel strategy compared to existing caustic antimicrobial intervention in a commercial processing facility with the collaboration of Cargill Meat Solutions.


Project status
Project code
Funded amount
End date
One year
April 2015