AMI Foundation 2013 Year in Review Now Available


The AMI Foundation’s 2013 Year in Review is now available. Over the past 12 months, the Foundation:

  • Funded four new research projects;
  • Received important findings from 10 completed research projects;
  • Released updated Recommended Animal Handling and Audit Guide, which received the Professional Animal Auditor Certification Organization seal of approval; and
  • Held various food safety educational programs for the meat and poultry industry.

The Foundation in 2013 renewed its focus on health and wellness issues by compiling science to support the strong case for meat and poultry in the diet and continuing to be a scientific voice and resource on sodium reduction in the meat and poultry industry.


This publication includes updates on the Foundation’s ongoing research projects; a summary of its education programs, training and other activities in 2013; and an upcoming calendar of 2014 events.